Their Highnesses Diego and Taraneh

This is the webpage of Their Highnesses Diego Rodrigues de Cordoba and Taraneh Al Zahra, Amir & Amira of the Summits.

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Coronet Information

Important information for those wishing to compete in Their Highnesses’ Coronet Tourney:

Letters of Intent for Coronet fighters, in your personas style, are due to Their Highnesses by September Crown. Coronet tournament will be a standard double elimination tournament, with the first round being fought with glaives. Their Highnesses wish to see you out in all your splendor, so banners and shield boards are required.

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Words from His Highness

We have just arrived home from an amazing weekend. So many heart filling moments, connections, visions. None so deeply moving as the moment I turned to ask that my wife be brought forth that I might put the coronet upon her brow. She is the fulfillment of so many of my dreams.

None of these moments could have happened if not for so many of the populace coming forward to make it happen. So much love, effort and sacrifice. So much faith, trust and hope. I am in awe of my fair principality.

We both looked into your eyes when we joined in the bonds of fealty and our hearts were filled with sincerity, honored by what We saw in you. The weight of this gift is profound.
Know that We will strive to serve the Summits with the same passion that We see in your deeds. Together we will flourish and prosper.

You truly are the jewel in the crown of An Tir!
Diego & Taraneh
Amir and Amira of the Summits

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