His Highness Diego Rodrigues de Cordoba


10th century Andalusian


Andalusian, black, white or red


His Highness enjoys beef, bacon, cheddar and bleu cheeses, almonds, walnuts, stuffed green olives with garlic, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, dried cherries, dill pickles, eggs, breads, lemonade, ginger ale, sweet tea, spiced rum, meads and milk chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, pies, and lemon bars.

His Highness dislikes any and all seafood, dark chocolates, and mayonnaise.

Her Highness Taraneh al Zahra


10th century Persian


Persian, reds, golds, black, purples


Her Highness enjoys beef, bacon, cheddar and goat cheeses, cucumbers, green stuffed olives with garlic or almonds, hummus, pita chips (plain), breads, dried apricots and cherries, raw walnuts, raw almonds, apples, oranges, heirloom tomatoes, milk and dark chocolates, apple pie, herbal teas with honey, honey meads.

Her Highness dislikes hot dogs, sodas, head cheese, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and mayonnaise.  Please note Her Highness is allergic to eggs (they are okay in baked goods).


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